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U.S. Mirror & Glass is a locally owned company serving the Treasure Valley for over 25 years. What makes us special is, we do in-house fabrication, beveling and edgework on glass and mirror products. We stock certain sized beveled vanity mirrors that are available for same day pick-up.  Or we can do a custom sized beveled mirror for that non-standard vanity wall. We also specialize in volume and national builders.  Our buying power helps us to sharpen our pencils on large projects, apartment buildings and planned communities.   Read More


If moisture or condensation occurs between the glass of your window, then the seal has failed. The only option is to replace the glass. Check your warranty as the glass may be replaceable at the factories expense. Most manufacturers only cover labor for 1 year though.
Unfortunately, you have to replace the whole unit (glass portion). Due to the way insulated windows are produced, both pieces have to be replaced. Sealing a unit has to be done at the factory and cannot be done on site.
Spots and film on your shower door glass are mostly due to hard water. Idaho has many areas with hard water. We have a product called Diamond Luster that will remove most spots or film. We recommend using a 0000 steel wool in addition to the Diamond Luster. 0000 steel wool will not scratch the glass. After properly cleaning your glass, we also recommend treating it with our surface protector. The surface protector will help with future spots and stains. For more stubborn stains, an acid wash can be done to the glass for better results. The only way to guarantee your glass will stay looking new is to apply a sealant at the time of purchase. Once the calcium and other contaminants penetrate beyond the surface of the glass, there is no way to completely remove them.
Annealed glass or float glass is the basic form of all glass. When broken, annealed glass will shatter or break into large fragments. The thicker the glass, the more dangerous the fragments. Safety glass or tempered glass is glass that has been processed by a heating it to make the glass stronger. When broken, tempered glass will shatter into small fragments, making it less likely to cause severe injury. Another safety glass is called laminated glass. Laminated glass is when two pieces of float glass are bonded together to keep the glass from breaking apart. Laminated glass is typically used in auto glass. All shower doors, by most building codes, must be tempered and must display the tempered stamp or “bug” somewhere on the glass itself. The “bug” will also display the name of the company who tempered the glass. This may be different from the manufacturer of the shower door but is still a reference when determining where the door came from.
Great question with a not so great answer. Shower door manufacturers are terrible at putting their name on their product. Most manufacturers buy their glass and metal from different suppliers. The best place to get parts for your door is from the company your purchased it from. If you are building a new home, be sure to keep a list of suppliers where your builder received his products from. If you don’t know where your shower door was purchased from, then may the luck of the Irish be on your side. Taking a picture of the part you need and calling/visiting local glass shops would be your best bet. I can look at a part right away and tell if it came from our shop or not. Sometimes, parts can be interchangeable, but not always. Spending the small amount of money to give it a try can sometimes be better than buying a whole new door.
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